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    BMC Discovery 11.2: relation between Provider:StorageVolume.key and Consumer:StorageVolume.key

    Alena Stejnarova
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      we were asked to provide ADDM query, which result should be list of all Provider:StorageVolume.keys and their related Consumer:StorageVolume.keys and additional column for last_seen e.g something like last_update_success for provider side.


      1) I´ve prepared following query, but it´s retrieving 'Not Set' for all consumer key records. And I don´t understand why. Could someone please help here? I was checking the taxonomy, but I didn´t find the relation. Does the relationship exist between Provider:StorageVolume.key and Consumer:StorageVolume.key in 11.2 please?

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        key as 'StorageVolumeKey_Provider',

        #Provider:StorageUse:Consumer:StorageVolume.key as 'StorageVolumeKey_Consumer'


      2) My second question is, is ADDM able to provide something like last_seen for storage volume? I would need to traverse to the storage system and to the host, which is managing it and provide last discovery access date and time, right? Storage doesn´t have any timestamp, right?


      Thank you in advance for your help.


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