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    New CI Class to support Qliksense Platform Structure to onboard

    Chandana Siddappareddy
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      Hi Team,


      We have came across new scenario  and want to understand whether any other organization has the same issue and if so how to capture that as new CI class / under Application itself.


      Qliksense as a Platform Application which supports for creating dashboards from multiple applications and departments.

      Team want to maintain these Dashboards as individual CI record in CMDB along with their ownership details and if there is any upgrade or changes happening on Qliksense Platform the respective Owners to inform and to bring in support model for these dashboards using Service requests.


      As there are around more than 300 items  and it may increase as well.Creating these under application is not the suitable solution.

      Is there any CI class to support the above scenario and if so please share the details.