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    F5 Load Balancer Sticky Cookie Configuration - How did you do you it?

    Carina Burns
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      Hello Community,

      We have an F5 load balancer set up for two 19.02 SmartIT servers. We have SSL ports established and traffic passes successfully taking the user via SSL to the SmartIT app. SmartIT then forwards to RSSO successfully and after login, we are successfully passed back to SmartIT.


      However, the session immediately times out, advises that you need to refresh but as soon as you do, you get another session timed out error. It teases you as you'll see the SmartIT dashboard every so briefly before the error pops up again...and again...in an endless cycle.


      For those of you running an F5 load balancer, what specifically did you do to get the session timeout working properly for the sticky cookies?


      We've forwarded what BMC sources we could find to the F5 team working with us but the below articles haven't helped: