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    Can I use Midtier 18.08 with ARS/ITSM 19.02 (9.1.07) ?

    Miroslav Horvath
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      Hi guys. According to my thread Different Excel Webreports from 9.1.07 compared to 8.1.02 ? , within the latest Midtier 19.02 the EXCEL reports are broken. They are created as XML instead of proper XLS type. Therefore we can't use the latest Midtier.


      We have upgrade the whole environment on TEST system to the version 19.02 (our PROD is still running on 8.1.02) and because we need to upgrade also PROD system, we need to have the correct EXCEL reporting functionality. My question is, if I degrade the midtier 19.02 and reinstall it with 18.08 version, will it work with the ARS/ITSM/SLM/SRM which were completely upgraded to  19.02.001 ? Can I face some issues with the different/older version of Midtier against the latest version of the rest ?


      We are currently installing the Smart Reporting, but it will not solve fully the needs we have.

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          LJ LongWing


          Generally speaking, not specifically about the two versions at play, the client/server combination will only work at the highest level of the lowest component.  That is to say that your 18.08 client will only be able to do the things that it was able to do with an 18.08 server, any new features/capabilities that the 19.02 server has won't necessarily work with the 18.08 client...now mind you, the number of features introduced between the two versions should be minor, meaning that a vast majority of the system should work without issue....I don't know what the delta between the two is, but I wouldn't expect it to be vast....so, you will obviously want to test it out before full implementation.


          One thought for you.  Due to the fact that your issue is with reporting...you could stay on 19.02 for everything except reporting, and have a single Mid-Tier that's not used for most of the interactions with Remedy, and have just that one 18.08 server on the side for when needing to do the reports you are having problems with....all of this would be a temporary stopgap till BMC's able to address your issues in the next hotfix/patch/release.

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