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    Are you using SCAP Compliance in BCM? I need your input!

    Serena Lambiase
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      Hi everyone.

      For current SCAP users, you know that BCM supports SCAP version 1.2. For those not familiar with SCAP compliance, here is some information: Overview of SCAP compliance - Documentation for BMC Client Management 12.8 - BMC Documentation  


      I am looking into requirements to support SCAP 1.3 and would love to get your feedback on the following:

      1. Which Operating Systems do you want us to support? 

      2. Is support for SCAP 1.3 sufficient, or do you have any requirement to have the official validation/certification for SCAP tools, like we have today for v1.2? 

      3. What else is important to you regarding SCAP compliance?


      Thank you for any input you can share to help us with planning.

      Feel free to contact me directly with any questions or other input. Serena_Lambiase@bmc.com