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    changing the sequence of task record

    Mahamadou Traore
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      Hi Experts,


      Cancelled a specific task in  a group of task record in parent ticket (work order, change, ect.), we cannot move up (changing the sequence) any task record that come below the one canncelled. For example, let say I have 5 task adding in sequence from 1 to 5 in Work Order record. I cancelled task 3 and Want to move task5 from 5 to 2 in the sequence. This is not possible, I can only move it from 5 to 3 ( 3 is the sequence of the one that has been cancelled).


      Why this behaviour? How can force my task to come higher in the sequence? otherwise is it possible to just delete the one that is cancelled?

      Cancelled task 5


      Tried to move task 6 from 6 to 4.