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    Alternatives to arsrename.sh

    Peter Lundqvist
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      I am really fed up with arsrename.

      • It does not replace all occurrences at once so I have to run it multiple times
      • In 18.08, for me at least, it does not find all forms and fields (without filter lists)


      I've talked with support previously, I also currently have an open case, and all I get is "it works for me" and it takes ages to get a response when all I want to do is clone a server to test something out. Now, I still have previous rounds of csv files, so I can work around this issue, but it is not really what I want to do... Of course this might be a local issue, this is why I am asking


      Am I really the only one experiencing these problems? What tools are other people using?


      I have found this tool, and it looks great:

      Remedy Restore Tool Version 3.8


      My only issue is it is using a windows host, and I prefer to script everything on a linux server. It seems to be able to export SQL so I guess that can be used as a workaround, but I would much prefer something that I can use directly in my deployment scripts.

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          Stefan Hall

          You're not alone with your problem.

          arsrename is terribly slow and without separate lists it searches GB of data without any use, because these forms definitely do not contain ars server references.


          I'd appreciate it if BMC could get its product under control and offer us a real solution that cleanses the known forms and fields. It can't be right that we, as customers of an enterprise product, have to solve this ourselves via try and error. Why do server references have to be stored in so many places? Is that still design or already a bad development achievement?


          I almost forgot the second part of your question because I was so annoyed. I use my SQL collection, quite fast and I have much more control.

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            Carl Wilson

            Hi Peter,

            I have not had the time to update the Restore Tool to pickup and change all the references in the latest versions of ARS e.g. Centralized Preferences, D2P Monitor entries, etc.

            That said, it is a tool that uses the API to do the updates and does cover most of the major references but there is still some additional manual work to clean the references and although it is windows based it runs as a client so as long as you have a connection to the system from a Windows box you are good to go.

            There is a direct SQL tab in the tool, but it is recommended to use this with caution.


            BMC do supply the command line tool now, plus as Stefan mentions many admins have created their own SQL scripts over time.


            You can also grab a stored procedure from the internet that you can run against the DB to find all the references of a string, and then create update scripts from the output.


            I was hoping BMC would put something into the Developer Studio to be able to do this e.g. an add-in to update references, but it is yet to happen.




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