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    Designating Task Template in a flow doesn't quite work

    ios man
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      I'm building a screen flow intended to be launched from a service request that collects some info then creates a series of tasks to be linked to the SR. For the tasks while some items are set at run time there are a few constant values that I'm trying to set using a template. For example one task will get the client ID and SR ID to set from the original SR, a description from a text template so I can refer to a task ID previously in the process, then add the template to fill out the short description, impact, and urgency.


      The task is being created but while I see the template referred in the template field none of the values have been applied. The description, Client ID, and SR ID are all there so I'm not sure why the other values didn't come along with the template.


      Can a template be invoked from within a flow while also assigning other values the template doesn't reference, or do I need to assign all the variables right then and there without a template?