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    SR is stuck in In progress when WO is closed successfully

    Suhasini Palabhavi
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      Please let me know if anyone has faced this issue.

      When workorder is closed(work order was reopened and it is closed with successful) but SR is still in progress status.


      SRD creates 2 work orders, both are closed but still service request is in in progress only.


      If I am trying to change SR to completed from in progress then a error they're throws "You cannot change the request status to completed, as there may be application instances still open. (ARERR 150132)". But when I checked all the associated workorders are closed.


      I have also checked SRM:appInstanceabridge form , I could see 3 records related to this sr id. Two are for workorder which is closed, 1 for workorder which is cancelled.

      Status is resolved and cancelled respectively.


      Please let me know how can I mark the SR to completed.


      Thank you in advance.