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    TrueSight Presentation Server Access through ReverseProxy

    Marek Ceizel
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      Hello everyone,



      In our environment we use EntryServer to access applications and Provide SAML Authentication. This is actually also reverse Proxy and hides all real application servers addresses.

      We managed to make the TrueSight with RSSO running until the point where TSPS Dashboard should appear:

      1) SAML is authenticated and User is authorized/gets a token

      2) in second step the user is allowed to access the TrueSight Presentation Server (using a user entry in LOCAL Authentication in Chain of SAML Realm RSSO)

      3) now we get the web pages and code from Trues Sight to display the Dashboard and here comes our Issue.


      As our Entry Server Team reported to me, the true Sight doesn't define really the Content Type of the sent files and this results to html/text content type is automatically used even for scripts. As a result we get several strong Errors in console and we get empty web page instead of truesight Dashboard.


      Attached is the screenshot of network communication and console output going through Portal/Reverse proxy which shows empty page:



      The communication is stopped and the Content=Type is not correct. That is probably either the reason for errors in console.


      To compare attached is the correct communication if we access the TSPS directly without to go through the entry server:




      Any idea what can help ? Some setting in TSPS or Tomcat or in the EntryServer(reverse proxy) ? anybody has experiences or saw this problem ?



      thanks a lot for any help


      best regards