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    Has anyone seen Remedy installers not show up in Add/Remove Programs or not create uninstall.exe?

    Shane Barber
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      EDIT: BMC Engineer Devendra solved the issue. We reinstalled using Windows XP SP3 Compatibility Mode and the installers worked.


      Also, I always ran the setup.exe directly if I could rather than the setup.cmd


      When I ran the patches, I also checked to see if there were setup.exe files I could put in Compatibility Mode but most of them are cmd files. The patches installed successfully.


      Here is the KA that was created:

      Uninstaller.exe is missing after installing AR/CMDB 8.1.x on Windows Server 2016


      Hi all. We are performing a Remedy upgrade. There are some cases open with BMC and they are working on the issue independently, but I'm putting this out there to see if anyone from the community has run into either of these issues with any Remedy installs and found a root cause or has ideas.


      We are installing 8.1.00 on new servers so we can migrate like-for-like and then upgrade to 19.02. We have tried on Windows 2016 and 2012.


      When we install, we do not see AR System (or any other 8.1.00 product) show up in Add/Remove Programs. We also noticed that none of the installers create an uninstall.exe file.

      When we run Patch 3, the patch cannot recognize that any products are installed, so we assume the installation is not happening correctly even though the services run correctly. Oddly, we tried running 7.6 user tool and it shows up in Add/Remove Programs and creates uninstall.exe, and it uninstalls cleanly as well.


      What we've tried:


      1. "Unblocking" the files (Windows has an unblocking feature for files that come from different computers)

      2. Had data center turn off AV.

      3. Enabled 8dot3name creation and created D:\PROGRA~1 (D:\ is destination for our install).

      4. Tried different versions of Java - 6 and 8 and multiple builds.

      5. We are allowing the installer to create a new dummy DB. It is doing so on SQL 2017 but we're not sure why this would impact the installer on the app.

      6. Downloaded the installer directly to the server itself from BMC epd

      7. Tried with multiple admin accounts that have local admin rights and also Full Control for D:\

      8. Have tried re-imaging the boxes. Have installed now on 5 different boxes.

      9. There are no Software Restriction Group Policies enabled that would affect the install.


      Can you think of anything we could be missing? Thanks! Thanks to Phil, Dolly, and others for working on the case as we speak.