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    "Failed in getting child composite for instance " : A pretty much new error (from my point of view) on CMDB Reconciliation

    Benjamin Attal
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      Hi Communities,


      Well, I get this error on my Reconciliation on BMC CMDB 19.02, it is pretty new to my old eyes. And so I try to know if someone get the same and how he solved it.


      Failed in getting child composite for instance OIGA49C8ECHDOAPUQ03TPUQ03T4DYBof class <BMC.CORE : BMC_ComputerSystem> :: Exception : ARERR[120211] Message not in catalog; Message number = 120211 GraphQuery: Walked 2levels. Exceeded the limit of1levels configured by the Administrator.Refine your query to reduce the number of levels.


      The good news is I know why I get it, I change on all servers the "

      I don't want to change that again, I change this GQ to avoid to take many seconds to get my result when I ask to show in explorer a CI.


      I try to check if my reconciliation was configure as "CI and related object", but not, my transaction are by Class. I try too by "Related CI in separate transaction" same behavior.


      This error is visible on a Reconciliation uses for BMC Discovery with Standard Rules.


      Thanks for your help,


      Best regards,


      Benjamin ATTAL