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    BMC BSR Level 1 - Event Based Service Resolution. Closing events

    Giancarlo Bassanini
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      Hi, my environment setup is the following:


      ProactiveNet: 9.6 (FP2)

      ITSM: 9.1

      BSR: 3.5.01


      According to BMC documentation, It is required to install BSR only on ProactiveNet side.


      Events getting closed on BPPM side are not getting closed on ITSM side, I´ve seen logs and I´m getting the following info:


      Parameter Value=
      <Work_Info_Source>BMC Impact Manager Event</Work_Info_Source>
      <Work_Info_Type>BMC Impact Manager Update</Work_Info_Type>


      So, I guess I am sending the CLOSE event from PNET side but ITSM is not doing anything, so incident stays assigned.


      I´ve tried to look for information regarding how this is supposed to work in terms of required configuration, etc.. but haven´t been able to find the info in the product (BSR 3.5.01) docs in BMC Site (Home - Documentation for BMC Service Resolution 3.5 - BMC Documentation )


      Can anyone tell me how is this supposed to work? Are there any additional policies that need to be enabled or configured?


      I already applied (without any luck) the following KA's:

      BSR - Truesight closes event, but Remedy incident is not closing.

      Incident not getting auto-resolved when BPPM event is closed


      Any help would be appreciated.