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    Is it possible to display the SRM Request Number on Checkout - Confirmation page?

    Emmanuel Galia
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      Hi all - I've seen the "SRM Request vs. DWP Catalog Request" discussion (SRM Request vs. DWP Catalog Request), and I think the solution they were looking for is to "prevent an SRM request" from happening thus eliminating the SRM Request Number.


      On the other hand in our environment, we're still heavily invested in SRM having services that are either using "SRM as a Catalog source" (SRM as-is) or "Built in SRM and imported into DWP Catalog" (DWC import). So we'd like to keep using the SRM Request Number (REQxxxxxxxx) for the customers to have a single Reference when calling the Service Desk or for troubleshooting.


      Is it possible to display the SRM Request Number on the Checkout - Confirmation page:


      Also, I don't know how it happened, but we're not seeing the Order ID any more on the Requests list... might be a good thing for us, but don't know how it happened.


      Thanks again in advance for any help you can provide!!