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    Migrate to TrackiT 2019

    IS Support
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      We are working on our migration from 11.4 to 2019.  My Big question is does the migration tool allow us to activity select what we want Migrated?  I don't want all the Type,SubTypes, Categories in on long list.  We have way too many items in our current system.  What are others doing about this potential issue.  What if we only want to bring over some data not all data it seems the tool only allows for all or none or am I missing something? 

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          Cris Coffey

          The migration tool will migrate all the Types, Subtypes and Categories and they are needed because they are linked to existing tickets. This is true of all lookup fields.


          If you really want to remove them, you could remove some from the Track-It! 11 system prior to migrating BUT this will result in tickets with missing values after the migration. A better option for these specifically would be to migrate them all, then go in and mark the ones you want to stop using as Inactive in 2019. Then you wont end up with tickets with missing Types and you can also clean them up.


          The migration tool does allow partial import of Tickets. For example, you can choose to only import Tickets that are open. There are a few options like that to limit some of the data that comes over but core lookup tables need to have everything brought over so you dont end up with Tickets in 2019 with missing values.

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            IS Support

            Here is our issue.  We have a total of 834 Type, SubType, and category items.  We also, have a lot of duplicate values under Subtype and Category.

            So when you run the copy job there is no unchecked objects at a object level I am guessing.  Its all or none with the exception of Work orders you can say only new tickets that are open.


            I already setup most of the Track IT system by starting fresh, that includes AD and users and technicians.  If I wanted to test the import I would need to remove all users and technicians minus the out of the box account.


            Looking at the new system vs the old system it like night and day reason I asked here in place of opening a case with support.   I was wondering if others ran into duplicates for Sub-type and category.


            I have a feeling our system would be really messy if we went the route of running the migration tool...

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              TriMas IS

              Hi @IS Support, you were able to migrate duplicate type/subtype/categories? we are in similar situation, please share your experience.

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                IS Support

                We did not import our Categories at this time.  We exported the categories and started from scratch in the new system.