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    ADDM Discovery - Container contains all related LPARs but not all host members

    Edison Santos
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      Hi Guys!


      Here I'm again with new questions.


      I have a Container IBM Power8 in my environment.


      It was nicely Discovered through the HMC console, but, looking inside its CI, although I can see all LPARs listed as a container "detail" ("IBM HMC Managed POWER LPAR" details), some servers IBM OS/400 V7R3M0, examined using SNMP V1, are not related as a container members, but all others servers  (Linux, Unix, VIOS) are listed correctly as container members, and their names are linked to their hostnames CIs.


      I observed that these servers (OS/400), all of them, don't have the item "Host Container" on their CI's details.


      Does the MIB have this information as one specific OID? Are the Discovery SCAN extracting this information?


      Does anybody here have experience by Discovering IBM Power "#"  with OS/400 as one of its LPARs?


      Can sameboby give me some help?


      Best regards,