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    How to send work log from Remedy 9.1 to Service Now

    SVanu Sanku Asari
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      Hi guys,


      I think this is my first question started by me in this forum. Hopefully the experts here can guide me.


      I have created filter using SNOW webservice to send newly created Remedy Incident to SNOW-working well.

      I'm able to to get the SNOW's Incident ID and Sys ID and it is saved in Remedy Incidents HPD: Helpdesk Vendor Number field.


      Now, how do I send the worklogs for above Incident to SNow.

      I have the SNOW's work log webservice URL, but how do i match a worklog in ROD to the SNOW log.

      The service now Inc ID is stored in HPD helpdesk but not in the HPD:Work log.


      Pls assist. Tried searching every where to no avail.

      Thanks in advance.