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    BSA Windows Patching Issue

    Vipul Pawaskar
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      Recently, we are facing one issue in BSA windows patching. In BSA patch catalog , we have added filter for Microsoft visual as per customer requirement. When we tried to deploy patches using BSA on end servers, only Microsoft visual patch (vcredist2565063_x86.exe-MS11-025)  is not getting deployed. However, when we checked in BSA analysis result, it's showing same patch with 64 bit version(vcredist2565063_x64.exe-MS11-025) is already installed. Here we would like to know, why Microsoft visual 32 bit patch is showing as missing in BSA as same patch with 64 bit is already installed.


      I have attached bldeploy logs for detail analysis. Any help would be appreciated.




      Vipul Pawaskar