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    How to generate a list of Oracle databases failed with last access along with error info

    Nirmal Sharma
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      I am working to fix access issues for Oracle databases. I am using below query so far in order to determine last failed access on them basis the database detail discovered on them. However now my customer wants me to generate this report along with the error message which I am unable to include. I have tried with lots of combinations from 'customize' menu. Can someone please help me with this requirement?


      search SoftwareInstance where type = 'Oracle Database Server' and nodecount(traverse ElementWithDetail:Detail:Detail:DatabaseDetail) <= 1 show type, name, product_version, #RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:.name as 'Host', #ElementWithDetail:Detail:Detail:DatabaseDetail.name as 'Name', listening_sockets as 'Listening Sockets', system_ID as 'System Id' processwith show type as 'Type', name as 'Name', product_version as 'Product Version', #RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:.name as 'Host', #ElementWithDetail:Detail:Detail:DatabaseDetail.name as 'DB Detail Name', listen_tcp_sockets as 'Listen Tcp Sockets', global_db_name as 'Global Db Name'