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    Report in dashboard that lands on a report that uses field 1, but if a filter is used it uses field 2

    Jesus Villegas
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      Hello everyone I'm having issue trying to figure out how to accomplish the creation of a dashboard with a specific report. I have added an attachment with pictures and detailed description trying to show my issue however this is the short description:

      I have 2 fields

      1. TotalPercent of Availability for CIs for the Entire Network

      2. TotalPercent of Availability for CIs that Customer.

      Adding the second field on the report makes first value not to show accurate information anymore, but I need that the report uses the second field if a FILTER is used, if no filter is used it should show the information from field 1 which has the % of the entire CIs.


      I have tried to do it with a single report, but I've had no luck on this, perhaps I can use 2 reports? first one showing First field and drilling down to show a different report?  (I need it to appear on the same space that the dashboard has) and once the user enters filters it uses the second field only.


      Thank you, any advise will help!!!