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    How to manage conditional fields in the submit ticket layout?

    Laurent Kassor
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      Dear all,


      We would like our client users to fill in mandatory fields when submitting an incident on specific applications.

      These fields are not mandatory for incidents linked to operations.

      Is it possible to attach the equivalent of a SRD for incidents layout or other trick?


      Business case:

      We have 2 main categories of incidents.

        1. Operations (network, account management, laptop setup...) no additional mandatory field = nothing to be displayed
        2. Application chosen = AAA --> Display Field 1   and  Field 2  mandatory

                     Application chosen not = AAA  -> Don't Display Field 1 and Field 2


      We have considered different options using common tickets and templates, adding a text field (instructions like)


      Any ideas, return of experience are welcome :-)


      Best Laurent