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    Custom ETL- Data-set Metrics identification

    Ravi Gupta
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      I am developing a custom ETL module for Solarwind.


      Appreciate, if someone could help me to identify the correct Data-set and Metrics for below attributes:


      FYI: these attributes are for device interface for Errors and Discards. I could find some related attributes in SYSNET Dataset (as below) but for Discards we only have PERCENTAGE units, while i have the data in units.


      In_Discards        ->  ??

      Out_Discards     ->  ??

      In_Errors            -> BYIF_IN_ERROR_RATE

      Out_Errors         -> BYIF_OUT_ERROR_RATE

      CRCAlignErrors -> BYIF_ALIGN_Errors


      regards, Ravi