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    FootPrints Mobile

    Tracey Sangster
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      Hi All,

      Does anyone use the FootPrints Mobile interface? What is your experience with it? Any recommendations?

      Also, this all seems geared to the agents, I need something for the customers, anyone implement something mobile for the customers?

      thanks! Tracey

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          Rob Farrington

          I'm bumping this question, as I would like to hear about anyone that has mobile in their environment as well.



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            Nicolas Roome

            Personally, I've never been a fan of mobile anything when it comes to ITSM. What I can say is that the FootPrints mobile is geared for agents only, and for workspaces only. By constrast, Remedyforce has a mobile piece also, but for clients (customers) only. The FootPrints mobile isn't overly functional (on screen rules don't function in mobile) but it is a very clean and polished interface.

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              Rob Farrington

              Thanks Nicolas!


              We  would only use for agents, so that should work. Any tips are welcomed.



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                Matt O'Donnell

                Hi Rob,


                We've been using the v12 mobile interface with our field services team for about 9 months now. From a functional perspective, the interface works well (searching/viewing/updating tickets). We have experienced some issues with search performance, which BMC have addressed since we went live. The inability to remove/rename the default 'My Stuff' search is irritating. As our historical ticket volume grows, this search is becoming slower, and we expect this will only get worse over time.


                The most significant issue for us the handling of status in the mobile interface. In a desktop browser, the status options shown at any point in the life cycle are consistent with your defined workflow, however the mobile interface shows all statuses in the workflow, which is confusing for the agents. The fact that attempting to save an update with an invalid status selection returns an error message with the correct status options only adds frustration to the confusion for our users. Communities ideas to improve this behaviour haven't attracted much interest to date, so like us, you will find yourself in the minority of v12 customers using the mobile interface.


                If you have fairly simple/intuitive status workflows in your tickets, the mobile interface in its current state will probably be an option to consider.


                Hope this helps,


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                  Robin Hatchett

                  I too would like to know and if FootPrints mobile can be use on Android and IPhone's?

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                    Nicolas Roome

                    It's an HTML5 interface. It will work on pretty well any modern browser regardless of the platform.