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    Unable to start BDSSA cognos service

    R B
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      Hello All,


      When we start BDSSA ./blreports services on linux box it fails with below error :



      [root@ser1 reports]# ./blreports start Starting BDSSA ... Using reports path /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.1/reports Using portal path /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.1/reports/portal

      Using webserver path /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.1/reports/webserver

      Using authserver path /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.1/reports/br

      Starting apache webserver...

      Apache webserver started successfully.

      Starting Cognos service...

      Using /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.1/reports/jre/bin/java

      Cognos service has failed to start. Please check /opt/bmc/BladeLogic/8.1/reports/logs/cogserver.log for more details.




      When I check cogconfig_responsive.csv it showed below error



      ERROR "[Content Manager database connection]" "The database connection failed."
      ERROR "[Content Manager database connection]" "Content Manager failed to connect to the content store. The connection string is "jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION=(LOAD_BALANCE=on)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=xxxxxx)(PORT=xxxx))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=xxxxxx)))". The error encountered is: "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied


      When I tried to open cogconfig.sh to reconfigure the cognos  password , but it doesn't open as Linux server has runlevel 3 set.


      Is there any other way where we can change the cognos password through configuration file or CLI.