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    Dynatrace OneAgent discovery

    Kris Cichon
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      Dynatrace came with the new OneAgent solution to replace all legacy agents.

      In our environments we have multitude of the legacy Dynatrace components : Dynatrace Agent, Dynatrace Server, Dynatrace Collector, and Dynatrace Analysis..

      However we are NOT DISCOVERING new type of the Dynatrace Agent -- called DYNATRACE ONEAGENT

      Dynatrace OneAgent | Dynatrace Help

      How OneAgent works | Dynatrace Help


      Curretly Dynatrace OneAgent is recognized by the latest ADDM version 11.3.04 as a Software Instance Candidate:





      Is there any plan to improve Dynatrace TPL to encompass this new Dynatrace Oneagent and bring it as part of current Dynatrace discovery?


      Best Regards;

      Kris Cichon - HCSC ADDM Administrator