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    Scanner files with consolidating appliances - Aging

    Ana Lorite
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      Hi all,


      According to the documentation, it is recommended to upload the scanner files to the consolidating appliance, rather than to the scanning appliance. <<Doing so correctly identifies the hosts as "Read from scanner file," rather than as "Retrieved by scanning appliance.">>


      I followed this suggestion so:

      • the standalone scanning host is in the consolidation appliance
      • the standalone scanning host is not in the scanning appliance


      But that host is aging and finally deleted from the model. I think the reason is the endpoint is being scanned in the scanning appliance (NOACCESS result) but it must be the consolidation process doesn't notice about the .noexpiry file in $TIDEWAY/var/pool/1/2/3/4 directory and the result is NOACCESS too so the host ages


      Did I follow the correct procedure? As a workaround, I've uploaded the scanner file in the sanning appliance so:

      • the standalone scanning host is in the scanning appliance too
      • when I scan its IP, the result is SUCCESS


      Thanks in advance for your help.





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          Andrew Waters

          That would depend upon what you want to see. If you are still scanning the IP address manually then you would need to put it on the scanner otherwise, as you have seen, it will age out.


          Normally scanner files generate a snapshot scan which uses the data. Re-scanning the data is rather misleading because it does not update and hence seems to give the date of the scan rather than the date the scanner file was uploaded.

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