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    Report on Submitted, Closed, Open tickets per Month, per Service

    Bernd Hoffmeier
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      I would like to create a report with following requirements:


      1. Tickets (INC, WO, CRQ) submitted per Month, per Service

      2. Tickets (INC, WO, CRQ) closed within that same Month, per Service

      3. Tickets (INC, WO, CRQ) open in that same Month, per Service

      4. Cross-Table where Support Gorups are created as Columns


      I was able to aggregate INC, WO, CRQ by Service and with a Cross-Table. The problem I'm facing is that this shows me currently tickets submitted in that month but the closed tickets are also referring to that submitted month. As an example:


      10 Tickets are submitted in August

      2 Tickets are submitted in September

      5 Tickets are closed in August

      4 Tickets are closed in September (all from previous month)


      My result:




      What it should look like:



      My result does not reflect what the respective Support Group received and closed in a specific month. This distorts the performance point of view.


      Any idea if and how I can achieve this using Smart Reporting?