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    Category Limitation

    Cathy Grant
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      Is there a limitation on how many sub categories or items can be put under one category?  Categories keep crashing with an error of: 

           Trackit Error X

           Check our website for more suggestions

           View details is blank

      This is huge as we are going live on May 6th


      Appreciate any help you can offer

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          Cris Coffey

          I am not familiar with that error. You may want to contact support to get some assistance. You can find options for contacting them at support.trackit.com.

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            Cathy Grant

            Thanks Chris  - that's my next step - sometimes I get better answers here 

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              Cathy Grant

              Has anyone had this issue?  We are having major issues with categories in that response time is EXTREMELY slow when opening any category that has numerous entries under the main category.

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                Manish Gadgil

                Hope you have contacted support already.


                In the mean time; could you share more details on what kind of category tree (# categories at each level, etc) you are using? Also are you referring to Self-Service, technician Portal or Mobile? Using Track-It! 2019 Release 01 ?

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                  Cathy Grant

                  Hello Manish,  I am referring to the Technician Portal.  I have opened a ticket with support but feel they are not doing much about it.  Here is some background I have put in the support ticket:


                  So there is no rhyme or reason for the delay in categories.  All categories with the exception of one (Applications) worked fine.  Applications was a pretty big category with several small sub categories and lots of single entries.  I finally just gave up and removed everything from the category and now they are single entries (not ideal at all).  Because all these categories are small now they work just fine.  However, I find I now have the same problem with the "Security" category.   What is strange about this is I have a category called "Maintenance" this is somewhat like the Applications category I had and somewhat like the Security catalog and the response time on this is just fine.  Makes no sense at all.


                  Security:  2 sub-categories, 47 entries  Opens very slow

                      So I removed the sub-categories so that only entries remain and it still opens very slow

                  Workflow:  25 entries  Opens quickly

                  Maintenance:  4 sub categories with several entries under each sub categorie (one of them being over 60 entries)  Opens quickly

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                    Cathy Grant

                    The resolution to this problem is to re-index.  Once done this resolves the issue.  This was proven more than once with large categories. 

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