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    Editing a copied report breaks parameter function Track-It! 2018

    Ken Soszka
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      I created a report which allows you to choose a Technician from a drop-down list (parameter), and then will list all Closed tickets by that Technician. It works fine.


      Report Tech Parameter.PNG


      I copied it to use as a starting point for a different report. After some confusion and trying to figure out why things weren't going as planned, I discovered that as soon as I make a single edit to the copied report (editing the text value of a single field), the parameter functionality seems to break. The parameter and filter that should be working are still there in the report, but the drop-down for Technicians has no data. Even if I recreate the parameter and recreate the filter in the properties for the report, it still doesn't work. Help!!! :-)


      Report Tech Parameter gone.PNG