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    Asset Management Question

    Justin Drakes
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      I wanted to see how you all were using the Asset Management module in TrackIT for the Network Discovery.  We currently have the network discovery setup in our main office, however what I am finding is that we are going in and changing the asset name so it is not just an IP address to make it easier to manage and the scan is creating another asset with the IP as the name.  For those of you using the network scan how are you managing your assets since it appears you cannot change the Asset Name without the scan duplicating the asset later.  It would be nice if there was a setting to have the scan verify the asset based on MAC Address. 

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          Ron Philpott

          The name comes from the Asset itself. Even when changing the name in the BMC Client Management program the name will revert back to the name set on the device. We are "slowly" changing all of our assets to have a specific asset name with specific name rules. Now our assets have names instead of IP addresses. One thing we have noticed is TrackIt! does not remove assets so when we come across duplicate IP addresses (an old unnamed one and a current "correct" named asset) we manually delete the old.

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            Justin Drakes

            Interesting.  Thanks for the reply.  My big problem is we have VOIP phones that are coming up with IPs.  They are set to DHCP so their IP address can change.  I will have to see if I can figure out how to set names on them.  Thanks

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              Ron Philpott

              We have VoIP phones as well but have them on a different Vlan (one specifically for voice traffic) so I have not included that Lan segment (IP range) in the network discovery target list. I would suggest you separate the VoIP phones out on a separate Vlan since you are DCHPing them since every time they change IP addresses TrackIt will add them, again, and again. Or dont DCHP them which solves your issue as well.

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                Patrick Walter

                This gave us a lot of headache as well. It is a bit useless that you are even able to change the name of an asset in TrackIt or BCM console. Since as you mentioned if you do the asset will just be rediscovered and added to your devices as a duplicate with the IP address as the name. Our work around, that was given to us by BMC support, was to use reverse DNS entries for any device that cannot be named explicitly (ie given a NetBios name).


                Some thing else to consider is whether you want to distiguish devices by IP Address or MAC Address. If you do IP Address if you replace a device with a new device but use the same IP Trackit will see them as the same device and any tickets connected to the old device will be on the new one. If you go by MAC, obviously if you replace NICs often this is annoying, but also if you have servers with multiple NICs it will be seen as multiple devices.

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                  Justin Drakes

                  I had hoped that TrackIT improved their inventory portion since the last time I used it, however it does not seem like that is the case.  I think we are going to revert to manually entering our assets for now, so we know we have correct information in there.  We are going to turn off the scan for now until we can figure out how best to use it within our environment.  We will most likely got to the point that we VLAN our phones.


                  Ron I assume since you have your phones VLANed you have 2 different network ports per office for internet and phone, or are you still able to run the internet through the phone?  We are currently running the internet through our phones for the employee's computers.  I don't think the VOIP phones have the capability to route traffic to a different subnet, so I cannot see how internet through the phone would still work.  Maybe I am missing something.  Thanks for you input regarding the TrackIT Asset Management!

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                    Ron Philpott

                    Hey Justin,

                    Most places we have two jacks but it is not needed with our Mitel VoIP phone system. But here is a link to a Very Good Mitel document (PDF) on Vlan setups for VoIP for any VoIP system. https://oneview.mitel.com/servlet/fileField?entityId=ka40h000000GtUXAA0&field=Attachment_1__Body__s . Not all VoIP phone systems are the same but setting up your LAN/ Vlan networks correctly with Voice Vlans, QOS and layer 2 & 3 segmenting helps immensely with call quality.

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                      Justin Drakes

                      Great Thank you!  I will take a look at it.

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                        Cris Coffey

                        The Asset Discovery and Inventory features are greatly improved in the new Track-It! platform by our usage of BMC Client Management under the hood to handle those features.

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                          Justin Drakes



                          I think the last time I used TrackIT was back in TrackIT 9 maybe and I feel like it was a similar situation to where the network scanning just gave us too much garbage and is why we manually entered assets back then at a different company.  I am seeing that same concept now.  I mean just as simple in the sense that it even classifies the assets incorrectly.  It classified our Sonicwall firewall as a webcam and a few windows 10 pro machines as servers for instance.  I am by no means saying that this is an easy thing to do as all networks are different.  But I do feel like there can be improvement in this area.  Now I will say from what I remember that the scan on 2019 was a little better than way back when, because I think back then it was really horrible.  However I do need to be able to rely on the data that is there, and do not have the time every week to go through and delete all of the duplicates.  That being said this is my decision to enter mine manually.  I am not meaning to be coming off abrasive or anything to that nature just wanted to express my thoughts on this portion of the software.

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                            Cris Coffey

                            It is quite alright Justin. I dont think you are being abrasive at all. Your experience is important to us and we want to make sure you are getting the most out of the product.


                            I will check into this and see if there is anything we can do to improve this for you. I believe the matching algorithm in BCM can be customized to keep the duplicates from appearing due to DHCP. I am not sure about the asset type though. The system tries to identify the type of device based on several criteria and it is not always 100% correct.

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                              Justin Drakes

                              Thanks Chris!

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                                Cris Coffey

                                I spoke with someone from the BCM team. They said if you adjust the settings inside the BCM console, it will impact how the discovery is handled and thus which systems show up in Track-It!   They recommended reviewing this document:



                                I believe if you set the matching to be only on Domain Name, this would make the asset name the only matching criteria so even if the IP address changes, the system would still be seen as the same system.

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                                  Steve van der Merwe

                                  Hi Justin


                                  I have been working on the BCM product back in the days when it was still carrying the name Numara Asset Management Platform (NAMP).   As such the other 'old' guys like me on the product that also view Track-It! Communities, please add your comments.  Most likely the rest of the experts sits in the BCM community or Footprints Communities.  So it will be great to sometimes make your voice heard in those communities.


                                  The description you gave on the network scan sounds pretty much correct, but if you understand the context of the scanner; then this is sort of expected behavior.


                                  The network scan is using nmap.exe utility to look for IP addresses, and from what I understand the device type is 'assumed' by the mac address.  See MAC Address Vendor Prefixes: nmap-mac-prefixes | Nmap Network Scanning


                                  So if it is a range allocated to Intel, it might be assumed to be of device type X.   The discovery at this stage of the detection does not audit the device.  BUT!!! if the device is a smart/managed device with SNMP, then the SNMP audit portion of the scan (assuming you are doing an SNMP scan...) should pick up the correct information from the device when that part audits it.


                                  If you find a scenario where the SNMP audit was executed and the data incorrectly pulled from the device, then it is a case for support to figure out why the correct data on the device was not recorded properly.


                                  If you drill a bit deeper in the scan portion (using the BCM Console) you can find the full string of the nmap.exe utility and then manually run this scan to see the data being generated.

                                  Look at this article.nmap scan hosts for IP, MAC Address and device Vendor/Manufacturer Using cut, grep, sed, tail, tr

                                  This is, for example, the type of data that BCM will then import post the scan.  And this is the data that you are seeing.


                                  Therefore if it is incorrect, check if the device supports SNMP. If it does, configure SNMP scan to 'override' and pull the correct data from the device.

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                                    Justin Drakes

                                    Thank you Chris.  I will check this out.  It should be helpful.

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