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    TrackIT 2019 Office 365 Email Issues

    Justin Drakes
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      Hey All,


      I have am having a few issues with the email features of TrackIT.  I am thinking someone from the community can help me here.  Below are the 2 issues.  I have the email configuration complete within TrackIT through a mailbox that I setup on our Office 365 account.  I am using the following settings.


      Incoming Mail

      Mailbox Type: IMAP

      Server Name: outlook.office365.com

      Username: support@mydomain.com

      Password: mypassword

      Port Number: 993

      Enable Mailbox: Checked

      Use SSL: Checked

      Log Events: Not Checked

      Test Connection Successful


      Outgoing Mail

      SMTP Server Name: smtp.office365.com

      Port Number: 587

      Security Type: SSLTLS

      SMTP requires authentication: Checked

      User Account name: support@mydomain.com

      Password: mypassword

      From Address: support@mydomain.com

      Send Test Email: Fails with the following error The Test Email failed to send.  The following error was received from the Web Server SMTP service: The transport failed to connect to the server.


      My 2 issues.


      * Incoming emails are coming into trackit and tickets are being created, however they are taking 10-15 minutes to come into the trackit system from the time they are sent.  We are used to emails coming in right away with our current system.

      * Outgoing emails do not seem to be going out at all. 


      I currently have the following business rules setup.


      Create new ticket via email with any subject- working

      Notify requester on ticket create- not working

      Notify requester on ticket update- not working

      Notify technician on ticket assignment- not working

      Notify technicians on Ticket Open- not working


      I created a connector in Office 365 using our public IP address and have made an exception in our domain spoofing rule for our IP address.


      Thoughts from others that are using Office 365 with TrackIT?