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    How would I make a cyclic job stop cyclic after 3 failures in a row WITHOUT throwing an alert?

    Jeremy Jorgensen
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      I have a series of jobs (database alog backups and honestly other cyclics) that I need to modify so that it will:

      1. Not throw an alert on every failure

      2. have 3 consecutive failures before it throws an alert (and stop cyclic)


      If I have an ON-DO when it ends NOTOK to set it OK, it resets the failure counter BUT it doesn't throw an alert

      If it actually ends OK, I WANT it to reset the failure counter.

      ON "Job's number of failures" >= 3 DO is easy, but still throws an alert on every failure.


      I've read that this can be done by defining a variable with ctmvar, but I have ~400 jobs and I don't want to create 400 variables and modify 400 jobs, plus create a new variable when I create a new job. I tried this with local variables, but I couldn't get it to properly increment, even with %%PLUS (but this would probably be ideal, especially if I could just use something simple like %%JobErrorCount for every job)


      I have not discounted completely changing AlertOnAbend to 0, since Find and Update to add a generic "Ended not OK" alert when jobs end NOTOK to all jobs is easier than manually coding variables in hundreds of jobs.


      Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.


      Control-M (because 9.0.19 came out 24h after we migrated)