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    Login error:  Bmc.CtmEm.Thrift.Idl.USER_NOT_FOUND

    Brett Dausses
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      As a user (not a sys admin) of Control-M, my logins were working fine until recently.  We have 3 environments setup (Prod, Test, and Dev), and for some reason my Dev login only is now giving the error:  Exception of type 'Bmc.CtmEm.Thrift.Idl.USER_NOT_FOUND' was thrown.


      Anyone ever seen this?


      I can log in just fine to our other 2 environments (Prod and Test).


      Thanks for any help!

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          Walter Rolon

          Brett, all the environments have the same Control-M patch level?

          Your client have installed the same patch?

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            Brett Dausses

            Classification: DCL-Internal


            Thanks for the response Walter.


            With the client open, FILE >> ABOUT shows version...





            Is there a way to see what version the environments are on without having to go to a Sys Admin?

            They should all be at the same level.


            Just to note a few things:



            •   I only have this error in our DEV environment.  It was running fine up until a few days ago.  To my knowledge, nothing was done/updated in that environment by our Sys Admins.


            •   This may have been coincidental, but I started to see this error after I lost connection to the environment from a session that I had some objects checked OUT.  Those objects are STILL checked out, preventing others from editing them.


            •   Also, this just happened to be at the same time as my Windows AD user password was warning me it was about to expire.  I have since reset that a few times.





            •   Others are able to log into this environment just fine.


            •   Oddly, when others try to check out that same object, they see this...








            ...but browsing our entire jobs folder, it does NOT show that object checked out by anyone, as it normally does....  (user's name would appear in the highlighted area)








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              Walter Rolon

              Is there a way to see what version the environments are on without having to go to a Sys Admin? YES, from configuration manager

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                Brett Dausses

                Sorry for my slow response...


                I tried to open the configuration manager to get the version, and it appears I don't have access to this.  I could request this info from our Sys Admins if it'd truly help, however late last week, the issue I was having suddenly started working.  Sys Admins claimed that the didn't do anything to fix it, and nothing changed that they were aware of, except a Control-M agent on a separate server (different from the authentication server) was re-loaded.  I don't know if that triggered some sort of user credentials refresh, but they said that shouldn't have had any impact on my issue.


                So for now, it's resolved for me, but would love additional thoughts on what do to do if this happens again.  This was the 2nd time that a person in my organization got the error.  Both times it seemed to resolve itself after a week or so, but no one knows how, why, or what resolved it.

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                  Kareemah Majeedah

                  Was a solution ever found for this error?

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                    Brett Dausses

                    No solution was found for this error.  It just started working again one day.  So I'm just guessing that something out of my control on the back-end must've changed and fixed it, or triggered a reset/refresh of the authentication piece.  If ever found the real cause/solution for this error, I'd still like to know, as this is bound to happen again.

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                      Kareemah Majeedah

                      Hi Brett Dausses,


                      We have experienced this intermittent reoccurring error as well.


                      The users were able to login after they capitalized one of the letters in their login name.


                      BMC is still looking for a root cause and solution for this issue.

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                        Mark Cheek



                        Thanks for that work-around. I'm actually Brett's co-worker and started having that issue this morning. Your suggestion worked for me.


                        Are you aware of a corrective action item that BMC has open for this issue?

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                          Kareemah Majeedah

                          Hi Mark,


                          They don't have a solution yet.


                          We were asked to apply a patch to help them capture the error.


                          Here is a statement from BMC support. Hopefully we will get a solution to this very soon.


                          have reviewed all logs we got from the customer and currently we believe it is
                          not related to ldap authentication or to update to thrift, but it seems to be a
                          bug in the synchronization of the registered user’s cache of the GUI Server and
                          the database.

                          Servers hold a cache of all registered users in memory and in addition the list
                          is saved in the database (ACTIVE_USERS).

                          to all the data we get, we recognized that the failure in login happens when a
                          user data in cache (server memory) is ruined. Obviously customer contact us
                          when they experience the issue (at that time, user info in cache was already
                          ruined), so we got logs from the time of the symptom (failure in login), and
                          not from the real problem time (the time it was ruined).

                          the server is restarted, cache is cleaned and fully synchronized with database,
                          so the problem has not occurred. After a while, from a reason that we currently
                          do not understand yet the user information in memory is ruined and the issue
                          occurs. We want to catch this moment in logs in order to pinpoint the cause of
                          this data ruination. This is why we asked for logs from restart till the issue
                          occurrs. The diag level (4 or 5) is not the issue.

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                            Charles Pelletier

                            Hello Kareemah,


                            Havr BMC replied to you regarding a solution to this problem?


                            Some users encounter this problem in our environments, and we would like to know if they have found a solution yet.

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                              Kareemah Majeedah

                              No, BMC has not responded with a solution. I will update this discussion when an update is received.




                              Kareemah Majeedah

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                                Markus Keller



                                we also running sometimes into this problem.

                                Today it happen again. I started again to look if I can repair it without recycle.


                                The user is able to login again, but I have no clue which action has solved the issue.

                                But I guess it could be only one of this two:


                                Login to the CCM

                                Open the "Control Shell" for the GUI Server

                                First try this: VERIFY_DEFINITION_CACHE and click Apply

                                check the user account, if it still fail try this

                                REFRESH_LDAP and click Apply


                                I hope one of this commands is the right one.




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                                  Prakash Hemchand

                                  Same issue here. Couldn't log into DEV from my windows client but stage and prod were fine.


                                  "Exception of type 'Bmc.CtmEm.Thrift.Idl.USER_NOT_FOUND' was thrown."


                                  When I tested logging in from the client on a different machine I was able to log into DEV fine, so that points to something being corrupted locally in the client.

                                  To save time, I just removed and reinstalled the client from scratch but I still have the issue.