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      • 30. Re: Remedy AIE import not populating all fields
        Yvonne Thompson

        Hi Ganesh


        That's nice in theory.  I got the insert to BMC_ComputerSystem working.  However, creating AST:Attributes, BaseElement etc records seems to be done automatically once the job is completed.  If I 'interrupt' the process to create the AST:Attributes record manually, a whole bunch of other things break so that the AST:Attributes fields are no longer visible on BMC_ComputerSystem form, and the BaseElement join is broken.  And I'm sure a number of other things I've found.


        The best thing I can think of it to somehow 'commit' the change so I can update the AST:Attributes fields after the fact.  Or trigger whatever creates all these records automatically, and then update AST:Attributes.  But I have no idea how to do either...

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