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    Comments available in DWP for native Catalog Requests

    Marek Ceizel
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      Hello everyone,


      Native DWP Catalog Requests generate two Service Requests that are visible in DWP. One from DWP Catalog and one  from ITSM (in case the configuration is that tickets should generate one). It is known that in DWP one can comment only the service Request from ITSM but not the one from DWP Catalog:


      The upper is missing the icon. Discussed here:

      SRM Request vs. DWP Catalog Request


      However after upgrading DWP and DWP Catalog to version 18.11 we are able to comment both:


      Is this something new  ? Is it documented ? I didn't see anything.

      Or did I have problem in 18.02 and it worked all the time ?


      Tony Chung, John Gallagher any idea ?


      thanks a lot