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    Service Cost in Approval Information

    Cody Dean
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      Good Morning,

      I am looking for suggestions on how to pull the service cost information from a DWP request into the approval details, so the person approving has knowledge of what it will cost.



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          Tony Chung

          Hi Cody Dean!


          I agree that some level of costing should be supported out of the box for approval requests. But in the meanwhile we have a workaround. You should be able to add one of the cost properties from the service broker context object in the approval summary.


          Here's how I would do it:


          Illustrated example



          1. Create an input variable for Service Broker Context (e.g. "reqContext"). Usually you would create one anyway.
          2. Create a local text variable to write the summary (e.g. LOC_approvalsummary)
          3. Before calling the approval process, use a Compute Value to concatenate the service name with the service cost. In the above example we use the one time cost, but you have three cost options:
            • Service One Time Cost
            • Service Monthly Cost
            • Service Yearly Cost
          4. In the Call Activity that you use to request the approval, place in the Approval Summary field the LOC_approvalsummary variable.


          When a user requests the service (e.g. My Wonderful Service), it sends a request to the approver's Activity Timeline that shows the name of the service and the cost. For example:



          This approval summary also appears in Approval Central. Whatever you include in the approval summary will be passed through. There might be a character limit in your system, though, so I would check that adding more information will not trigger an error. I haven't triggered any in all the services I've built in dev and in the wild so far.

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