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    Remedy AIE import not populating all fields

    Yvonne Thompson
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      Hi, the clients want to start importing assets into the system and I have created a set of AIE Data Exchanges in order to do this.


      But there are a certain number of fields which aren't being populated by the source spreadsheet, or being populated incorrectly.



      - All of the assets are being imported with the status of Deployed, rather than what is specified.  Is this default behavior that I can't change?

      - Order ID did not populate.  I notice that the field on the Asset form is read only.  Does this mean that I can't set it during import?  Where would it come from?

      - Project Number did not populate.

      - Floor did not populate.

      - Last Scan Date is incorrect.  No matter what is entered, it defaults to 31/12/1969 5:00:00 PM.  The format in the spreadsheet is 2007-01-19  12:00:00 AM.

      - Available Date, Received Date - did not populate at all.


      The fields that loaded fine:

      -Company, Category, Type, Item, Model, VersionNumber, ManufacturerName, SerialNumber, Region, SiteGroup, Site, ShortDescription, AssetID, Description.


      Any help would be appreciated! ^-^

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