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    Tracking Browsers

    Sam M Cohen
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      What best practices are you following with regard to browser? 


      A very large percentage of applications rely on browsers.  Usually a vendor provides a list of compatible browsers, even versions and patch levels. 


      How/are you tracking compatibility in the CMDB?  At what level of granularity.


      We want to leverage this information:

      • When an issue is reported
      • When the vendor issues a new release, update or patch; and/or identifies new browser compatibilities
      • When the company upgrades browsers, to identify applications requiring testing/adjustment.


      The first level would be a relationship between the application CI and the browser CI for each compatible browser?


      How do we then track browser versions; and/or range of versions? Is that a series of attributes for each application? In order to do automated analysis that would likely require multiple browser attributes per application. And what if a new browser is introduced?  Or one removed?


      Wouldn't it be better served in a related item?  But as the versions change do we need a new CI per version? And if the organization is allowing automatic browser updates, how does that work?  Would that then require significant manual diligence or discovery?


      And, the needed browser version granularity could vary by application.