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    Generic Information Objects

    Sam M Cohen
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      We have a need for the following

      1. To "attach" multiple URLs to an object record.  Each attached URL would have it's own label. The label need not be unique, but is predefined (pick list). That is, it could be used multiple times, even in the same object record. The labels would come from a predefined/update-able (by admins) list (to ensure consistency). 

        First choice would be one URL object across any/all parent objects, which records/filters the data based on the object and record to which it is attached. 
        The second option would be a URL object per target parent object, filtered only on object record ID

        The list of URL labels would also have a predefined "Other" option which would allow entry of a "new" label per URL record.  These "other" labels would be periodically reviewed and likely result in updates to the predefined list of labels above.
      2. The same, but allowing attachment of files
      3. The same, but allowing linking to Vendor accounts


      The current objects to which we currently envision these would be attached include:

      • CIs/Assets
      • Locations


      In a pseudo data, for URL, for example (and assuming 1 URL object total):

      • Internal key (indexed, unique)
      • URL (Hyperlink) (indexed, not unique)
      • parent object (FK)
      • parent object record (FK)
      • Label Link (FK)
      • Label Value if "Other"
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          Nikhil Deshpande

          Which product is this for?

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            Sam M Cohen

            After a conversation, we identified that every CI/Asset has the ability to link/attach documentation.  We will investigate how well it meets all our needs; and if the user flow is appropriate.  It is definitely a baseline start.


            That leaves only vendor information, which we would prefer to be in the Vendor accounts, but might either require adjustment of our thinking, creation of another subclass, etc.  The idea of a relationship to the vendor, be it a product or a service (like a fire department), however, makes sense. suggestions are welcome.  We'd like all CI-related vendors to come from the same table where it is best that all vendors are kept. At this time that appears to be Vendor Accounts.

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              Sam M Cohen

              We still need to add the following for each attached/linked document:

              1. A field labeling the document.  We would prefer this to be a drop down do that a consistent set of labels can be used.  A system admin can update the drop down list
              2. A text field for optional notes, and required if the label (see above) is "Other".  This allows for periodic label choice reviews and updates.
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                Sam M Cohen

                We also need the ability to link a CI to a Vendor Account record.  Can this be done through a Relationship?


                Like Documentation, we would like a labeling drop down available, and a notes field, required if the label is Other.


                A couple use cases

                1. We want to identify the outside party who provides the support for a specific CI
                2. We have a series of local contacts for a [Physical] Location CI, like:
                  • Fire Department
                  • Police
                  • Local Hospital
                  • Facility Insurer
                  • Media outlet