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    Target End Date in 3 Hours

    Noah Genin
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      I'm trying to create a true/false formula field for highlighting conditions on quickviews. The field would be set to true when the tickets Target End Date (on the incident service target object) is in 3 hours. However I'm getting an error when I try and use the NOW() function.


      if(datevalue(BMCServiceDesk__TargetEndDate__c - 1/1260)<= NOW(),"true","false")


      getting the following error, however the BMCServiceDesk__TargetEndDate__c is a date/time field so I don't see why says "expecting Date"  :


      Error: Incorrect parameter type for operator '<='. Expected Date, received DateTime




      I have a field that's doing "due in 24 hours" that appears to be working


      if(datevalue(BMCServiceDesk__TargetEndDate__c - 1)<= Today(),"true","false")

      Anyone have an ideas?

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          Noah Genin

          In case anyone needs this in the future here is the formula to get a true/false for "target end date is in 3 hours"


          We are using this on quickviews so that all tickets due in 3 hours turn orange. This helps our staff quickly prioritize which tickets they should be looking at.


          IF(((BMCServiceDesk__TargetEndDate__c - NOW())*24) <= 3, "true", "false")


          I then referenced this formula field on the incident object using a formula text field


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