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    Truesight integration through web service

    Pawan N
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      Hi All,


      We need to integrate Truesight 10.0 with 3rd party tool to propagate events to 3rd party tool.

      Kindly suggest with the following-


      1. We have 2 options for web service based integration-


      Event Push approach(TrueSight will push the events to 3rd party tool)

      Event pull approach(3rd party tool will pull events from TrueSight)


      Which one of the above approaches is recommended.


      2. I have successfully tested authentication API of TrueSight web service using Postman. But when, I try the same using curl, I am getting below error-


      Required input parameter Username is not found.

      Required input parameter Password is not found.


      I am getting status code as 400


      Has anyone faced this issue through curl ?


      Thanks & Regards,