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    Best Practice in Remedyforce - Models vs. CIs vs Templates vs Assets

    Sam M Cohen
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      In the process-oriented approach to the CMDB, I am trying to create Assets based on a "model" CI; and a Model is one component of the information in a CI

      What is the best approach to building Assets from a single Ci (e.g., 500 laptops of the same configuration, allocated to 500 people; or Office 365 licenses).  It appears in Remedyforce that Assets and CIs are variants of the same data model, and one is not built upon the other.


      I am considering the following options, and am open to suggestions:

      Build CIs and Assets based on a Model.


      Building a Template CI/Asset as the equivalent of a "model" CI.


      In other words:

      Models are base information for CIs. They could be 1:1 or 1:many. What is best practice with Remedyforce? In other products I’ve used

      • The Model was a part of a CI and could be used in multiple CIs.
      • A CI was a technology unit.  In some systems it contained the list of contract/s, purchase order/s and/or total licenses
      • An Asset was based on a “model” CI – that is, there could be many Assets based on the same CI. The major additions for each CI were
        • contract/s
        • purchase order/s
        • license/s used
        • expiration/renewal date
      • Would a template be a better choice in Remedyforce?