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    DWP-A: Questionnaire limits and collaboration workflow

    Thomas Hammer
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      according to BMC Digital Workplace 18.11 is Now Available  it is possible to collaborate on a request (service?).


      • Add collaborators to a request
        BMC Digital Workplace users can add users from their organization to new or existing unfulfilled service requests. They can also save and reuse the collaborators list for other requests. Collaborators can view, edit, and delete a request.


      What does that mean?

      With this enhanced functionality in mind I'd like to know, what DWP-Advanced questionnaires and workflows can offer to users without (or before) a fulfillment application gets involved,


      Question 1:

      Is it possible to create a questionnaire, which is filled in a step by step workflow by different groups or persons in a predefined sequential order?

      • Requester fills out the first required part
      • The request will then be routed (assigned) to a specific group to fill in (answer) additional questions.
      • Then a third group will approve the answers given so far and release the questionnaire for further processing / editing. Sometimes the approvers want to edit (adjust) the request before approving it.
      • The next group will fill in the remaining answers and submit the request
      • All collected data (= answers given by the several persons) will then be sent via a REST API to an external fulfillment application (not Remedy).


      Question 2:

      Is there a limit for the number of fields in a questionnaire? Max. number of char fields? Max. number of radio button fields? etc.


      Any help is highly appreciated.

      John Gallagher, Pascal Junker, Christoph Klapetke, John Weigand, Carl Wilson (thank you, Carl, for your excellent blog posts)

      do you (experts and very experienced engineers with deep knowledge of the product) have an answer to my questions? I wasn't able to find them right away in the doc pages.



      Thank you