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    BMC Remedy 18.11

    Ahmed Bawaneh
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      Anyone have any idea when the new version of Remedy (1811) is planned to be released?


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          Mark Walters

          There is no Remedy/ITSM 1811, the next release is expected to be 1902.


          BMC Remedy Release Version Strings

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            Peter Adams

            Ahmed, for Remedy we are in general on a 6 month release cycle. That's why there was no 18.11 feature release.  Note: there was a one-time exception when we did a release in 18.05 and 18.08, which obviously is not a 6 months interval, but we're back to a 6 month cycle now. .

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              Stefan Hall

              For Remedy SSO and DWP there is a version 1811, for AR/CORE/ITSM there was a patch release 1808. 001 at the same time.


              01/23 corrected typo 1808.001 Not 1811.001 thanks

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                Ahmed Bawaneh



                Appreciate your kind support. all mentioned information was helpful.

                I got the below answer and it was helpful to share it with you:

                BMC now have 2 releases for Remedy in a year with lots of innovation packed into it. The last release for Remedy was 1808 that came out in Aug 2018 timeframe. The next upcoming release is 1902 targeted for Feb. 2019 timeframe. Please note that the release date is just an estimate and can change w/o any prior notice.


                BTW, the latest release for Multi-Cloud Service Management is version 1811 which is already available to our SaaS customer since early Dec. 2018.

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                  Marek Ceizel

                  Just to correct. There is no 18.11 release for ARS/CORE/ITSM.


                  Latest in 18 line:

                  ARS/CORE/AI - 18.08 + patch1

                  ITSM - 18.05 + 18.08 Deplyment + patch1

                  DWPA/C - 18.11

                  SmartIT - 18.08 + patch1

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