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    Technicians not being notified when new ticket created

    James Wild
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      We have a problem where technicians are not getting an email notifying them that a new ticket has been created for them.

      the requestor IS receiving a notification saying their request has been received and a ticket is created.


      I have checked the business rule "Notify technician on ticket assignment" and can confirm it IS active.


      All other notifications seem to be working, and I am pretty sure this notification was working. It was only noticed today by one of our guys that he wasn't getting notifications on new ticket creation, and having tested, none of our technicians are receiving a new ticket notification.


      Has anyone else had this problem or know of a fix?


      Many thanks





      UPDATE: Having looked further, NONE of the technician notification business rules are working. Technicians are not getting emails when tickets are created, assigned, changed, due date approaching, overdue, etc.


      Requestors are getting emails just fine.


      I have tried creating my own business rules to get an email to a technician but nothing works, no the default system technician notifications, nor my own.


      I have checked the Technician settings, and all technicians have valid email addresses.

      So, I don't get it. Looking in the business rule event viewer I can see that they have all failed.


      Anyone else getting this problem????