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    AST:Attribute record not generated after Reconciliation

    Sherwin Russel
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      I have loaded a single asset to a custom dataset using a spoon job and I am trying to run the Reconciliation job to promote it to BMC.Asset Dataset.

      Once imported to the custom dataset, I can see the record created in Computer System base class immediately, however it took 3 hours to create a record in the AST:Attributes form. Is this normal? Please let me know which escalation/workflow triggers this action?


      NOTE: I can also see this filter available, ASI:SHR:All_PushToAssetAttribute_SandboxOnCreate`! . The AST:Attribute record contains creator and modifier as AR_ESCALATOR, so I am assuming this was created by an Escalation.


      Now, I have created a reconciliation job with standard identification and merging activities. However, when I run this recon job, the CI is promoted to the BMC.Asset dataset, but there is no record generated in the AST:Attributes with matching InstanceId's. Please advise if I am missing something?



      BMC Version: 9.1.00 (latest Hotfix applied)




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          Marek Ceizel

          Hi Sherwin,


          My input will probably not help but it's surely worth to know Our problem was the AST:Attribute records were not created at all (not even after 3 hours).


          -I found that there is a form ASI:SYSAction where are records created and then set to delete each minute by escalation ASI:SYALProcessRecords

          -On delete (which is a strange trigger) another 3 Filters are triggered which should create AST:Attributes record (ASI:SYA:CREATEASSETLIFECYCLESTATUS

               The first one checks if you have the class configured in AST:ClassAttributes

               The _1 and _2 should create the AST:Atributes record.


          Our problem was the AST:Attributes form was somehow corrupt after 9.1.04 upgrade and the value of Submitter didn't have the default $USER$. As the Filter _1 doesn't map Submitter a required field was not set and the process throw always a silten error which we didn't get visible in UI.


          That's my story. Hope somebody will give you more hints for your case




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            Sherwin Russel

            Hi Marek,


            Thanks a lot for your valuable inputs.

            Seems like your case was now captured as a KB article, exclusively for v9.1.03.

            Records in AST:Attributes form are not being created in 9.1.03 Asset Management


            As explained, I see the mentioned filters are executing and exactly at "ASI:SYA:CREATEASSETLIFECYCLESTATUS_1" while executing a Push fields action, a recon id already exists in the custom dataset and hence no records are created in AST:Attributes form for the golden dataset record. This seems to be the OOTB functionality.


            This is what I see in the Computer System class:

            one in custom dataset and the other in BMC.Asset dataset.


            The below is from AST:Attributes form:

            one record with matching recon id and instance id, in custom dataset.

            However, I was hoping there will be a filter/workflow action which will either create a new record or update the existing instanceid for BMC.Asset dataset.




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              Marek Ceizel

              Hi Sherwin,


              Nice KB Article. I had the problem 2 weeks ago but didn't search for KB now I see it is known problem.


              I'm little bit confused about what you wrote. If the entry already exist in AST:Attributes then where is the problem ? or you mean the entry is connected to the custom dataset ? then that is wrong from my pooint of view.

              If I understand it right, the AST:Attributes entries should exist only for CI's in BMC Asset dataset. As Asset Management works only with Productive CI's hence there is no reason to have these entries for Custom Dataset CIs.


              Maybe...if you want to make this clean, you can remove all entries from AST:Attributes and create a escalation which will do the same push as ASI:SYA:CREATEASSETLIFECYCLESTATUS_1 for all entries from BMC_BaseElement where DatasetID=BMC.ASSET. Just then you will lose all AssetLifecycleStatus values.


              that was either my plan before I found the real problem that time.




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                Sherwin Russel

                Thanks Marek, seems like the Instance ID's were all messed up after the upgrade from 7.6 to 9.1.

                Did some cleanup in specific sandboxes/attribute records and i found my way from there.