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    Time Stamp Qualification in Escalation

    Gopal Mohanty

      Hi Team,


      I am trying to run a escalation in a particular time of everyday and I am giving qualification as $Time Stamp$ < 'Schedule End Date',the escalation is not firing even the qualification is passed .(Schedule End Date is a Date field in a join form)


      Note:If i remove the qualification and running it manually its working fine for me.again after add the qualification it was not firing.


      Is it due to Date field comparison with $Time Stamp$ or any anything else, please provide your input for this



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          Steve O'Leary

          I would assume it is due, as you suspect, to the Date field comparing to a Date/Time data construct.  You could try $DATE$ instead of $TIMESTAMP$. So:


                    $DATE$ < 'Schedule End Date'


          If not, create a hidden field, date/time, into which you put the value of the 'Schedule End Date' field. It should go in as Midnight (so, 2018/01/10 12:00:00 AM) Then use the escalation with TIMESTAMP against that.