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    Remedy ARS 8.1.02 on AWS Cloud Environment

    Bryan stevenson
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      We are in the process of converting from Solaris Unix on premise server environment to a Cloud Environment on Amazon AWS EC2 capability utilizing Linux OS.


      I have some questions in regard to this:


      1.  We are currently on ARS 8.1.02 (completely custom apps with no COTS applications) and I need to know if this will function in the Amazon EC2 Clound environment?

      2.  What flavor and version of Linux is recommended (Redhat/SUSE/Amazon Linux)?


      If this is possible, then we want to be able to upgrade our ARS 8.1.02 platform to 18.08.


      1.  Can the upgrade to 18.08 be done in-place without any intermediate steps between 8.1.02 and 18.08?

      2.  Again, what is the recommended flavor and version of Linux?