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    ECA Error on AIX server

    Bernard Stern

      Hello Experts


      I am wondering what could be the reason for this error. This AIX server consistently throws 2 ECA errors upon scanning. We have many other AIX server with the same Oracle DB software on, all of them scanning fine. Any hint where I could look?


      First error:


      Internal error details:


        File "/usr/tideway/var/code/generated_code/Oracle/OracleRDBMS/__init__.py", line 16871, in execute

          llr___tmp_19 = engine.doAction(tracker, 'tpl.model.create_node_SI', llr___event___instrumentation, state['__triggers'], state['__pattern_node'], llr___event_tpl_hosting_node, {'key' : llr_tpl_key, 'name' : llr_tpl_name, 'short_name' : llr_tpl_short_name, 'type' : 'Oracle Database Server', 'product' : llr_tpl_product, 'version' : llr___event_tpl_full_version, 'product_version' : llr___event_tpl_product_version, 'edition' : llr___event_tpl_edition, 'patches' : state['tpl_patches'], 'ora_home' : state['tpl_ora_home'], 'instance' : state['tpl_ora_sid'], 'global_db_name' : state['tpl_global_db_name'], 'service_names' : state['tpl_service_names'], 'service_name' : state['tpl_service_name'], 'listen_tcp_sockets' : state['tpl_listeners_tcp_sockets'], 'rac_host_nodes' : state['tpl_rac_host_nodes'], 'net_service_names' : state['tpl_net_service_names'], 'success_login_cred' : state['tpl_success_login_cred'], 'compatibility' : state['tpl_compatibility'], '_tw_meta_data_attrs' : llr_tpl_tw_meta_data_attrs, '__explicit_removal' : Void})

        File "./__init__.py", line 611, in doAction

        File "./tpl_model.py", line 71, in decorated

        File "./tpl_model.py", line 623, in perform

        File "./tpl_model.py", line 344, in _linkNode