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    Upload user pictures in mass to RemedyForce

    Derrick Crew
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      We are trying to upload photos in mass to update all our users. we cant see a clean way to do this. i know how to have an individual update their photo in RF but less than 10 percent of our users actually use RF. we need everyone photo in the system for identification needs. below are a few notes.


      We do not use pentaho - we use an integration pack from kelvarion for Microsoft Orchastrator. this gives us as much reach if not more into the RF data but doesn't have to use the Pentaho tool as it is very difficult to use and troubleshoot.


      We have the users photos in our excahnge and our AD and in a share on one of our servers so we have a lot of way to get the photos.


      We do not use Chatter  - it is disabled in our org.


      Does anyone have any clue as to how we can mass upload our photos to the user database? any help would be greatly appreciated.